Couple’s Corner: Sweet Gesture

posted by Rechie L on


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It is Wednesday again! It simply means that it time for Couples again to share their life and love story at Couple’s corner. For the theme today, we (hubby and me) will be sharing about our sweet gestures towards each other.
My husband, if not mad, he totally is a sweet person. Same with me. If I am in a very good mood, which is everyday, I am a totally sweet person, a picture of a person who have no any ill feelings in this world. Anyway, hubby's sweet gestures oftentimes flatter me, making me fall for him again. 

So, here are the sweet gestures he does:
1. He kisses me before he goes out to buy his beer from the store nearby, and kisses me again when he’s back.

2. He hugs me from behind and gives little kisses and nibbles on my nape when I am cooking or washing dishes. He also helps me file the washed dishes on the dish rack.

3. Lots of kisses and I love yous can be heard from his mouth everyday. Even when he only goes downstairs to get a glass of water, he kisses me and says  he loves me before going downstairs and kisses me again when he gets back up. Sometimes, I find it weird but later on found it sweet. Only few do that.

4. He's taking care of me when I am sick. He’s not allowing me to do anything but rest. He cooks for me and prepare my meals complete with a glass of water and medicine. During my period, when dysmenorrheal attacks, he would rush to the drugstore to buy medicine. He doesn’t like seeing me in pain.

5. He reaches for my hand when we are walking down the street so we hold hands together while walking. When we are on a tricycle, he puts his arm on my shoulder and guides me off the tricycle.

6. There were times when he stares at me for reasons I am unaware and when I catches him, he smiles and pouts his lips and “mwah”.

7. He tucks me in bed and says "good night" and in the morning when I wake up, he usually greets me "good morning", with a kiss and a hug.

And here are mine:
1. Like my husband, I kiss him before I go out the house to get something, and kiss him again when I get back. We actually share almost all the sweet gestures towards each other. 
2. I give him lots of I love yous, hug and kiss everyday as well. As soon as he gets up from bed, I tell him how much I love him (there are times he wakes up late). And just like him, I used to say i love him and kiss him when I go downstairs to watch TV.
3. When cooking, I try my best to make it delicious so he will like it. When on the dinner table, I am the one who put foods on his plate.
4. When I sense that he is stressed from playing his games online and from watering the plants, I give him massages on his forehead, nape, shoulder and back. Sometimes, I want to make him feel special, I give him whole body massage.
5. There are times I give him surprise hugs from behind when he’s watching TV and give little kisses on his nape. 
6. I don’t like hearing him cough, so the moment I hear him cough, I get cough medicine and a glass of water for him. It shows how much I care for him. When he is sick, of course, I take good care of him. He is a king when he is sick.
7. When are going out to party, I choose what shirt he wears.  When we are in the mall to shop, I choose what shirts for him to buy. He kind of like it!