CC: Sensitivity & Hardest Days Of Marriage

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I cannot count now on how many days I did miss the fun conversation about love and marriage at Couple's Corner. I know for sure I missed a lot of days, about more than a month of CC topics actually. I know I can't catch up with those topics last month but at least this month. That's why I am posting about the last week's topic also which is "Sensitivity". 

My sensitivity has something to do with the hardest days of my marriage life. Yes, I am a lot more sensitive than hubby especially during the first year of marriage. It was not easy getting along with someone who has different ways, views and insights of life from you. Living with a foreign person and adapting some of his foreign ways was quite hard. I always broke down due to sensitivity when we fought over little things. I was so sensitive about little things that most of the time causes our fights for it lead to reminiscing the bad thing happened in our past - my encounter with my husband's ex-gf, the Cebu Girl. I was so sensitive when I get to reminisce those days.   

Now for the hardest days of our marriage life, there are two circumstances so far. First was the first year of marriage for it was the adaptation year. It was hard. There were a lot of debates over opposing thoughts and ways. There were lots of fight over little things like sensitivity, jealousy and some narrow stuffs. The second hardest days happened recently starting from taking my husband to Mactan Airport to go back to states. Thinking about the temporary separation, the distance and the absence of your partner physically is hard. Even though you can talk to each other everyday through the wonders of Internet, still there is emptiness for you still long for a touch, a kiss, and an embrace. 


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