Boggle Me Thursday 16

posted by Rechie on


I know I am late for the Boggle game but I cannot resist  the board. I ended up playing it. Look at it and you'll understand why.

I didn't able to play on time yesterday because i was pretty occupied. Yesterday afternoon, I ran around the city looking for purple t-shirts for our batch reunion this 30th of December. I ended up buying white t-shirt, I hope my batch mates will not be upset of having t-shirt instead of purple. So I got home around 5 in the afternoon and what a bad luck, there was a brownout. The power went back on around 11 in the evening. It sucks!

So here are the words I found. I know there are some more but it is for you to find out:

trip tip rip pit lit pal pals pail pails ail sail slap slit lair lip lips sap pair air pie lie line pin pen pine leap lean Yen bit bile bine nip tie trial trials peal pan sane lane pile Nile pain slain