A Free-Spirited Couple

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Hubby and I met online on the year 2006. We became lovers when we personally met at same year, became an engaged couple on 2007 and became husband and wife on May 18, 2008. Hubby gave up his work and his country for a while to be with me here in the Philippines after our wedding. 
We consider ourselves as a free-spirited couple because we do what we want to do and live our life in our very own way free from people's opinions and unfair judgement. We are both kids at heart who love to play Xbox and PC games, cards, scrabble and domino. Since we are not blessed with a baby yet, we found a kid playmate in each other. There are times that we get silly with each other, tickle each other and share lots and lots of laugh with each other in and outside our home. If we share time to play, we also have time to share household chores. One thing I love about my husband is that he helps (he needs to be asked sometimes when he get too busy with his PC game) me with household chores like doing the laundry, washing dishes, gardening, cleaning the house and cooking. Helping me with my responsibility as a wife doesn't bother him and him helping me doesn't bother me either. 

We do have our own beliefs. It was hard to accept that during the first 2 months of our marriage but later on, we were able to accept that we were raised in different countries.  Since then, we  learned to respect each other more including our beliefs and understanding of life. Thus, we respect other people's beliefs and ways of life. We are happily living together now for 2 years in our little love nest inside a gated community. We have lived our life in our own way and we will be for the years to come, unaffected by other people's negative thoughts. Me and him and the way we live our lives is all the matters to us. 
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