Our Moments on Valentine's Night

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Hubby and I had a candlelight dinner.  Actually the power/electricity went off that night when our foodies (we ordered) was delivered but we already planned on lighting the red candle we bought before the Valentine's day, anyway. Good thing I was able to take pictures of the foods (visit Chuchie's Kitchen Adventure for photos) before the brown out.  Since the power was off, it was indeed a candlelight dinner for us having our simple yet favorite foods on our table and two glasses of brandy and coke.
After our V dinner, we just chilled on the couch, enjoyed each other's company while having our drinks using the red candle as our light.  It was the most romantic Valentine's night for us so far by celebrating it at home.  Hubby didn't feel like going out that night to party for that day, Valentine's day, was the burial of his beloved grandmother.  After two hours brown out, the power went back.  We still stayed on the couch and watched American Championship Pair skiing on Solar Sports. 
While in the middle of watching TV, hubby seemed bored watching my favorite pair skiing and thought of drawing my next tattoo.  He's been suggesting to me to have my second tattoo but I didn't answer 'yes' yet for I was not able to get over with the scary sound of the tattoo machine and the pain I've endured with my first tattoo - a butterfly indulged with "American Flag" on my right leg.

Since he insisted, I let him draw his tattoo art on my foot.  He was so serious while drawing it and was so serious of having his art be part of my skin - a real tattoo.  As you can see in the pictures, hubby drew a toe ring with two lines of chain up and crisscross above my ankle and crisscross again up my calf and locked it in the front with a heart locker having our names "Gary Chie" on it.
Well, here is hubby's art. He murdered my foot/ leg! LOL! But he is so proud of it and I am so proud of him for spending time drawing this tattoo, my second tattoo according to him. I'll think about it.

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