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I’m a sports lover, myself and so as my husband. In fact, I always watch him play football at his friend’s football field. It’s quite exciting and enjoyable for me watching sports on television and on actual field. Few of my favorite games are basketball, football, soccer, billiards and gymnastic that I always keep track of on sports channel. I even get frustrated whenever I miss my favorite games on television. Imagine yourself watching your favorite heart thumping game on tv and then suddenly the power went off, yes i know the feeling of frustration. 

Here is the solution for that! I came across this website SportsVids , an online sports videos network where you can play, watch and share. This websites shows really amazing “sports vids” which is cool since sometimes the news on net don’t show some highlights of the games we all want to see. I was really amazed at what they have to show and they even have amateur sports clips as well, shared by thier members. Yes, if you are a sports lover and love recording sports videos whenever you are at the live sports event, this is a site for you where you can upload your work and have the public judge how good a videographer you are.

So if you want to see some great clips of online sports videos or if you have your collection of sports videos come and check this web site out. Be amazed with thier vidoes and amaze the viewers by uploading your videos.

Here are few sports videos that I found interesting, check them out;


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