Safety Online Shopping with buySAFE

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Shopping online is very convenient for those who are far from the city, far from big shopping centers and for those who have busy lifestyles who don’t have time to stop by at the stores. One thing, the economy nowadays is very much affected by the rising of fuel costs. So instead of driving to any shopping malls some people just settle of shopping online, that way they can save fuel and time needed for other things. Shopping online might have a lot of risk too, which is one of course identity thief. We don’t know that while waiting for our orders to arrive it is already in other people’s hands. Other risk is our personal information. Would the online store where we provide our personal information is at can guarantee full security? My husband and I have been shopping online for those things we need that are not here in our small town such as movies, cds, books, computer and computer stuffs, bedding sets and a tattoo kit. We are taking every risk in making orders online yet we have to.


Well, there is a solution to that, a safety online shopping with the new buySAFE Shopping Advisor that provides exclusive access to buySAFE Bonded Merchants. All purchases are automatically protected with a bond guarantee of up to $25,000 with identity thief insurance, at no cost to you. Two of its most powerful features are the Shopping Rating and the Shopping Portal. The Shopping Ratings you’ll identify which merchants to trust via search available in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and EBay. The Shopping Portals provides you with 100% risk-free shopping channel. Just install their add-on and you are good to having a complete peace of mind of shopping online.