I Miss my Classmate

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My phone alarm woke me up this morning. I jumped off the bed and hurried to the bathroom thinking about my early computer class since I was warned of 5 minutes late again and I’ll be screwed. As I was in the bathroom I asked myself “do we have class today?” Nope, it is school break. So I get out the bathroom; made myself a cup of coffee and cooked breakfast for my baby hunk so when he gets up the breakfast is ready. After cooking breakfast I watched movie on Cinema One when fun moments in school came across to my head suddenly. I miss my classmates! I miss our silly moments while waiting for teachers; the picture taking after class and during school programs, and the house partying here at our place. I miss their friendship. For now the only communication we have is through text messages. Anyway, I still have their pictures with me here in my computer. Here are some photos for you:

Chie at School

PE class

2 beautiful faces during "Actor's Clinic"

"Season of Love" Program at ABC civic center

Waiting for our Computer instructor

At my old Apartment (Margie and me)