White VS. Brown

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Yesterday, my husband played soccer again. This time their opponent was a team of Filipino soccer players. It is usually foreigners against foreigners but they were short to play since only 5 players showed up. The owner of the field asked a team of Filipino soccer players to play against them, so it was older white guys vs. younger Filipinos. All the foreigner's wives were there curious who would win since the local team was younger. I then warned my hubby to watch his balls, Filipinos might kick hard. It was really funny watching them play because they were playing on wet field since it has been raining Saturday night and Sunday morning. Needless to say there were a lot of water holes on the field. They were having a hard time kicking the ball to make a goal because the water was blocking. In actuality the water holes helped the foreigners because the Filipinos couldn't run around the older guys and I heard one Filipino complaining that their opponents are too tall. In the end the old men ended up winning the game by 4 goals. Sad thing is my husband hurt himself again and will not be able to play soccer for a couple of weeks.