Monday Mayhem:Am I Nuts?

posted by Rechie L on


Join Us for Monday Mayhem

I think I am. I could blame it to a recent situation that's driving me nuts. What I've been doing lately? I've been neglecting my blogs and not seriously engaging myself to them just to go out and party. Well, at least I am back in the mayhem. My excuse? I am down and weary! For what reason? I am not ready to whine it off in the blog land yet.

As to the side note, I am fine with the three questions and/or a video.

Q1. What was the thing you heard that was just plain nuts? Giving a reporter something to report. 

Q2. What have you recently done that others may consider to be nutsNot eating all day and drinking alcohol all night long. It's what I've been doing. 

Q3. When is it okay to be nuts? When you are drunk and don't know what you are doing, I think.