Holiday Cards Received

posted by Rechie L on


I received two post mails from two of my online friends. Enclosed in both mails are holiday greetings. Thank you so much my dears. I owe you both.  

The first mail was from the Dias Family in Texas, the ever great Demcy and Greg. Thank you so much sis Dhemz and Mr. Greg for the holiday greetings and for sharing us your family newsletter. This is my second time being your family newsletter recipient and it is my great honor to know more about your family. Reading throughout your newsletter just give me an idea  of how lovely your family is. I also thank blogger or blogspot for it is where I met Demcy. God bless you Dias Family!

The second mail is from my newest online friend, Anita. She and her husband Bruce Parmelee sent the mail. I first met the sweet Anita on Friendster. She approached me first and it was the start of our friendship. She was engaged then to Bruce who is her husband now. Although we haven't met yet and we are of different race, making friends with her was easy for she is very friendly. We are currently getting in touch with each other on Facebook hoping to keep our friendship going. God bless you Parmelee Family!

Here are the enclosed holiday cards (one is from the Dias Family and the other one is from the Parmelee's) and the Dias family newsletter.
Belated Merry Christmas to you from me and my husband. We wish you a prosperous 2011!