Monday Mayhem: The Color Green

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Wohoo! Green is my mother's favorite color. Almost all her stuffs in the house, from dining furniture to her wall clock is green. Our house (parents') was painted with different shades of green. Mama said green is not her birth color but she loves it. So, whenever we buy her gifts, we make sure we pick something green.  

And today/tonight at Monday Mayhem we will be talking about the color green.

1. What is your favorite Green food?

Green Mango is the first thing that popped into my head. Just last week, my cousin visited me with a bag full of green mangoes. We enjoyed pigging on it. Yes pigging for that bag finished in just s snap. Of course, we have to share it with my siblings who are greedy for green mangoes esp. when dipped in hot salted fish.

2. What is your most hated green food?

Okra or Lady's Fingers is one green vegetable I can't and I don't like to eat. Oh please, don't let me taste this saliva food.

3. What is green that grosses you out?
A green snot. I decided not to enclose a photo. Lol! It is scarier than the green snake.

4. What is green that you love?
The green surroundings. The tress, flowers, or anything that has life and gives us life.

5. What is green that you never want to see again?

Rough Green Snake was about to bite me in my dream three of four days ago. Just in my dream, okay? I've never seen green snake for real and never will I wish to see it despite of some having this kind of snake as pets. So this snake was about to bite me in my dream but I stumped its head flat first then I woke up. I wish not to see this snake again in my dream.

6. Have you ever seen a green person?
Yes, a few. There was a person who was so green with envy, a person who was green (new) at our campus back in high school, a person who loves and supports environment, and my own self back in 2008 being a wife. Well, now I am no longer green to that.

7. Have you ever been green?
Whenever I am done cleaning the house I am green. The house is clean and green while I am green with exhaustion.

8. Do you try to be green?
Yes I did buy buying stuffs that is good for the environment.

9. What is the best green thing in the world?
The environment. The trees, flowers, grass or anything green that grows from the earth including moss.

10. What green thing should we avoid?
 I can't think of anything.

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