I Want To Have A Web Hosting Service

posted by Rechie L on ,

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I want so much to have self hosted sites but I do not know how and where to start and on what web host I should get. I am also doubtful and afraid I can’t pay a web hosting service fee monthly since my current earnings are just enough to pay my siblings’ monthly tuition fees. Sometimes, I would run to my mom and borrow money when I get short on budget or if my allowance from hubby is delayed. But I’ve been really curious about it since many of my friends said it is best to have your site self hosted. I was even tempted to get one last November but the monthly rates usually made me back out. It’s just too expensive for me. Besides, I am confused with choosing the best web host since almost all web hosting services offer the same deals.

Surfing through web hosting rating sites, I came across HostGator. I checked on hostgator reviews to know how their hosting service works on their users. Host gator has been around since 2002 and claimed as a world-leading provider of web hosting service. Reading on reviews really tempted me for it stated there by their users that HostGator hosting service so far is the greatest and the most reliable hosting service they got. Plus it is hassle free. The hosting promotional price is $174 for two years so it’s like paying $7.25 monthly which I can afford. Wee, I still need to think about it.