Participating In Snobbish Duck Walk Game

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Who says I can't play parlor game in my high heels? Well, those who are raising hands, check these photos taken during our High School's Grand Alumni Homecoming. 
Me, on my mark getting ready. The game already started.

Halfway there. See? I was leading! Easy peasy! Ows, I have my pink pouch too?

On the U-turn. The paper plate between my legs almost fell down here.

Glad I was able to return to the finish line without dropping a single paper plate. 

I forgot how they called this game but let me just invent a name, I call it "Snobbish Duck Walk". There were 6 paper plates being used and played by four participants of each group. In our game, there were four groups.

The uses of the paper plates:
  • 1 paper plate was clipped by the participant's legs
  • 1 paper plate was clipped by the participant's armpit
  • 1 paper plate was clipped through bending the participant's elbow
  • 1 paper plate was clipped on the side of the participant's neck, bending head down on the shoulder
  • 1 paper plate was clipped by the participant's fingers

I did all these on my left. 
  • The sixth and last paper plate was held by the participant's other hand. It is used to fan him/herself throughout the duck walk around the chair positioned on the other end of the line and back to the starting (or finishing) line. Now, imagine how hard it was to walk like that.
You can play this game too. Oh, it was fun! I did enjoy the entire game although we didn't win. We got disqualified when the third player of our group dropped 3 paper plates. If you wonder why I call this game Snobbish Duck Walk is because of the idea of looking up due to bending your head on the side while fanning yourself and walking sexy. Other idea is you'll really snob everyone when you play this game because you have to focus on clipping the paper plates tight to avoid dropping.