The Bar Girls

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Ops, it is not what you are thinking. I am talking about the girls who like drinking "The Bar" gin. For sure you are familiar with it. Aside from wine, I am into gin and it is The Bar that I like recently. According to its TV ad, "Alway open The Bar". So whenever my friends and I bond, we always open The Bar as long as we have sponsors.

Here are the The Bar girls. Are we drunk yet? Click on the photo to enlarge, that way you can check if we already have rosy cheeks. As on me, you can check if I am drunk through my eyes. It is my pair of owl-eye that gets rosy.

The girl in the other photo is my friend Monette. These photos were taken last month I think when she decided to stay for a night at my place. We had a sponsor that day, our ever generous class president who bought us gin and roasted chicken, which we munched on as 'pulutan' when we attacked the gin that night. Due to privacy, I would not like to disclose the sponsors name here.

Anyway, we were drunk that night that we did some crazy stuffs like singing and dancing. We even took videos of us talking crazy talks. Of course, we deleted them after we've watched such shameful videos.

We blamed it all to: The!
I am also flaunting her a thrift buy, my new deep fryer. I got it for as cheap as Php156.00. I've use it a lot already. Cheap and usable, it is just great!