Hard To Breath Because of Smoke and Caffeine?

posted by Rechie L on ,


I had a lot of coffee last night because I wanted to stay away awake for the whole night. I surely had more than ten cups. Even though I planned on staying up all night, my computer didn’t let me. It slept before its sleeping time again. I tried to switch it back on but didn’t power up. I pressed the power button many times like what I used to do to it when feeling not yet finish with Internet for the night. I did the other night too and it worked but last night the computer was stubborn. It used to work back on when switched on many times or after letting it rest for 30 minutes but last night it acted up for some reason.

So I just decided to go to bed. While there lying down, I suddenly felt like losing breath then my visual was spinning. It seemed like I was attacked by asthma but wondered why my head felt so light. Besides, I never had asthma. Or, does my smoking had it developed and now I am having it?

I already stopped smoking but last Saturday I went to a gig. A friend of mine invited me whose boyfriend hosted the event to celebrate the first anniversary of Cebu's Bewear Apparels, a custom tee printing business. Being surrounded by the real funk kids, the rockers who played heavy metal music, beers and smokes, I wasn’t able to handle smoke withdrawal. The urge to smoke while drinking red horse beer was so hard to fight and so I smoked quite a lot. And I think I just got the result of too much smoke last night and too much caffeine. 

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