Grated Corn in Butter and Fries

posted by Rechie L on ,


This is one of me and my sister's vices when bored during the afternoon. As you know, during afternoon around 2:00 to 3:00 you'll feel sleepy so instead of indulging ourselves with sleep, we prefer strolling in the mall (lee plaza). Then when tired we go home and take out these two latest favorites: kingcom grated corn in butter and three-flavored fried fries.

Yummy! Now I am craving for these foodies. Too bad my sister's not here. She went somewhere with her classmates. And since I have no one to drag with me to the mall, Id just sit here and wait for sis. I just hope sh brings these two favorites with her when she gets home. To those whose cravings are ignited through these photos above, I am really sorry. 

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