Sister's Bonding Last Night

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My sister and I had a great time together last night. We went out and had a medium round of pizza at More Bites Pizza. It served as our dinner. Then after More Bites, we went to Video City and rented a movie, Charlie St. Cloud. After that we walked to the boulevard. It was quite a long walk from Video City but my sister insisted on walking so I could have some walking exercise. It was fine. I was sweating my butt off by the time we reached the boulevard but I was fine (yeah right).

While at the boulevard, we continued walking. We did two rounds. When exhausted, we went to a refreshment parlor located a few walks away from the boulevard. Each of us ordered a regular halo-halo that costs Php15.00 each and took out two glasses of mais con yelo (corn with ice) to munch on while having our movie night at home. The 'take out price' for mais con yelo was Php20.00 and only Php15.00 for dine in. 

Chizka was murmuring when we arrived home. I gave her her dinner before I started the movie. I gave her some corn with ice too. She loved it. Check out her photos drinking mais con yelo at my pet blog tomorrow.