Best Blogger Award 09

posted by Rechie L on


I would like to say thank you to my blogger friends, Mommyelvz and Belle for giving me this heart-warming award even though I have a feeling that I don't deserve this but I do appreciate your thought of including this blog in your list of awardee. Thank you so much.

I would like to give this award to the deserving bloggers who keep updating their blog with informative posts: Ate Mad'z My Pregnancy Diary, Demcy's My Life's Perception and Inspiration, Ate Vhing's Survivor: the Reality of my Life, Cacai's Step and Journey, Tripzibit's Unsolved Mysteries in teh World, David's BasicBloganomics, Lis' Lisgoldmemoir, DJTammy's Anything Under the Sun, Chelle's Let's Talk About Technology, Maxi's Health n Beyond, Im Grace's We Live to tell God's Amzing Grace, Meryl's Places, People, Good Food and My Life, and Utot Mo Pink.

Please come and grab this award. You deserve it.


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