Another Disappointment

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As you have noticed, I was absent in blogging these past few days. I was not motivated to write because of disappointment. A disappointment that was felt not only by me but as well felt by my hubby.

Last week, I was not feeling good. I had a problem with my menstrual period. It was delayed and I only had spots of blood for four days, very different from my normal cycle. I felt little headache then suddenly I felt like throwing off. I had a sudden change of appetite, my mood was constantly changing, and my sense of smell got too sensitive. There were times that I didn’t feel like eating. Symptoms of being pregnant! It sounds like a baby’s cry in my head. My husband came out with that conclusion as well and so did I.

We were so excited. Those happy smiles I saw from hubby’s lips, God it was heaven. I know he was expecting and God knows how I was wishing that it was the time. I have been disappointing my husband every time I am having my normal period and I am disappointing myself as well. So, I prayed so much that that was it, the moment hubby and I have been waiting for…but…

Yesterday was another disappointment for the both of us. I stopped by the drug store to buy pregnancy test after my class. I didn't think of going to a doctor unless I get myself checked by myself. That's me, actually my hubby called me "Doctor Rechie" whenever I am acting like a doctor. So, when I got home I then hurried to the bathroom to do the test. To my disappointment, I am negative. Although hubby said it’s ok, I know very well he was disappointed with my revelation. Well, it’s not the time yet I guess. Sometimes, I am thinking the reason why I can’t be pregnant again is because I wasted one. I am hoping He will still give me a chance to feel that moving bump in my stomach again and I promise I’ll take care of it.

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