KC's First Birthday

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I attended my god-daughter's first birthday party last March 28, this year. The party was held in Rock Garden in Manukan. I was overwhelmed with how the mother of the celebrant, who happened to be my friend given me special attention that day as if I did big help for the party. I only made the party tickets, that's all. The second picture below is the picture of the birthday celebrant, Kimbercel and her mom, Jeizel. The father, a relative of mine was busy talking to the visitors the moment I took the picture.The party was well organized; the overall setting. Unlike my wedding day, the guests or the visitors silently walking in the entrance after submitting their tickets. As soon as the visitors are inside, some members of the family of the celebrant accompanied the visitors to their seats. It was the most peaceful, well organized yet enjoyable (the foods) party I have ever attended.
Gifts from the early comers
and the celebrant's pretty pink disney cake.

I really had fun at the party. Some of our friends, including our gay friends were invited. So, it was like a reunion for I haven't gone home to Manukan since December. It was nice talking to them and exchanging jokes with them again.

Before I left the party, Jeziel gave me a party giveaway, a beautiful pink angel.