The Blogger Trophy

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I was overwhelmed when I received an award yesterday from my new blogging friends, none other than the Proud Pinay, Meryl, Around the Nature Spring Author, Maus and the Forgetful Princess Tammy. They indeed deserve the award and I am so proud of them. Thank you so much for sharing this marvelous trophy with me sisters. I felt like I was brought up to the hall of fame upon receiving this trophy. Thank you so much.
Here are my list of awardees: Hopeful, Ate Vhing, Ate Madz, Demcy, Cacai, Pinay Survivor Mom, Rosemarie, I'm Grace, Ms. Recipe, Tripzibit, Ate Elizabeth, Lisgold, Mommyelvz, Kizuna, Shydub, Shy, Richelle, Dorothy, The Designer's Blog, Maxi, Dylan, Jacky, Grace.

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