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Grace of My Wedding Day passed this meme to me. Thank you so much for the thought of including me in the list sis and I am so sorry for posting this very late.Actually, I cannot remember if I heard the songs I requested to the wedding planner for the wedding. I remember I made a list of songs that I wanted to be played from the wedding march to the newly wed’s dance. I really cannot remember now if those songs were played. It’s understandable because all I heard during that very special day was my own breathing and heartbeat. Oh, I can still remember the rhythm of my drum-like heartbeat as I was walking down the aisle to the altar where my baby hunky was waiting for me. I still remember the words he said to me before he marched, “baby, don’t let your knees locked, bent them a little bit so you’ll not pass out”. All those things were remembered except the songs.

These were the songs in my list:
1. I Finally Found Someone – [ groom’s and entourage’s march]
2. For All Of My Life – [bridal march]
3. I Don’t Know Much – [wedding dance]
4. When A Man Loves A Woman – [wedding dance]
5. You Mean The World To Me – [wedding dance]

(You can listen to my songs fromthe playlist below if you want.)

Meme Rules:
1. Choose any song that fits the event. Any artist and genre will do.
2. Post your answers and tag five people in your list.
3. Don't forget to mention and link the person who invited you to play.

I am going to break the rules because I am passing this meme to Demcy, Mommyelvz, Cacai, UtotmoPink, Hopeful, Momgen, Ate Vhing, Ate Madz, Lisgold, Umma, Allen's Darling, Shy, Mom of Four, Maxi, Jacy, Ate Beth, Betchay, Jenny, Clarissa, Belle, Maus, Shydub.
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