Account Deleted From Entrecard

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I was truly saddened, still am, upon receiving this note from

It really was a bad news. I have more than 40,000 entrecard credits in my Chuchie's Hideaway account at entrecard. Just a few days ago, I even pledged 15,000 credits for Lainy's Musings 3rd Blogoversary and now I can no longer give the credits away. If I only knew this account would be deleted, I should have transferred the credits right then to Lainy's. The deletion was due to this blog's page redirection, which I have no idea how this blog does that.

Yesterday, after the deletion of my account, I went deeper into finding out about this third-party page redirection. I did some research regarding that matter and I was glad I found some help through it. I learned that those page redirection was from the third party software installed on this blog's html gadgets.

Another reason..let me qoute...
It has something to do with a browser hijack which redirects your blog or website to somewhere else. It probably has something to do with building traffic for a particular site in order for it to gain in popularity, or it may have something to do with redirecting to steal Google Adsense revenue or maybe for you to accidentally click on ads on the site which you have been redirected. It could also be something to do with gaining revenue through search terms and keywords using the Google search box which is then redirected as though a search has been done. Source
The words shed some light on my head. I just can't simply allow those malicious people take advantage of my blog. To get rid of this page redirection, as to what I read, I have to remove third party gadgets, which I did yesterday. I as well checked all the links added in this blog located at the "Friends' Links" tab you can see at this blog's navigation bar. So far I found a few websites in there that when I opened, a warning like "This blog is known to have malware" appears. Thanks to my browser's setting for that warning. So I deleted all those websites with malware from my list. I hope this blog is doing okay now.

If you still experience third party page redirection while viewing this blog, please do tell me. Thanks.