Pop-Up Ads and Full-Page Ads On This Blog

posted by Rechie L on

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Three of my blogger friends now complained about this blog's pop-up ads, sometimes full-page and now a page redirection to a said "search.com" site. There were several complaints before too from other blogging friends regarding pop-ups that just suddenly pop up while they're visiting my blog. Those pop-up ads before were due to the neo counter I installed in this blog.  I even tried viewing my blog before on husband's laptop and it did pop up annoying ads. After uninstalling or taking the neo counter off my gadget, the pop-up ads also went away. So, it was resolved.

Today though, this blog again has a problem. It does third party page redirection. I have no idea how and why this blog does that. Two of my friends (thanks a bunch sissies) said they were redirected to "search.com" when viewing this blog. I did some research about page redirection and the problem must be in the widgets. And to solve this problem is to remove those widgets or to clear and change the template. But I choose the first option as I have no plan to change my blog template yet.

So today, I cleared the newly placed gadgets/widgets on my sidebar - the page view counter and the blog grader. I hope there is no more page redirection now. Please do tell me in comment or in the shout box if this blog still does third party page redirection. Please...please!

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