I Want A Volkswagen

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My friends kept asking me why I don’t buy a car. Well, it is not that I don’t want a car. It’s just that I have no money to buy one. I have to ask hubby first to buy me one and asking him needs a good reason but I have no good reason to use a car for now. Hubby and I already talked of getting a car only when I get pregnant, which I am not, for he wont allow me to ride on the bike anymore when I am carrying his child. So, there really is no good reason as of now. Besides we still have a bike here we can use to travel to my hometown to visit my parents.
I’ve been eyeing a Volkswagen. It's been a childhood dream of mine. I don’t think there is a car company that sells Volkswagen cars here in Philippines. All I know we can buy it from the US. Well, I saw one here in the city and it made me wonder as to how much the car shipping have cost the owner to have that car shipped here. I referred to car shipping reviews to get some ideas of the best car shipping companies and their rates and the rates are quite a pain in the pocket. I might have to wait for my fortune to arrive so I can buy that dream car of mine.