Just Beautiful: The Little Ladies

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It is another day to show something beautiful. Today, first thing that came to my mind are these lovely ladies in the pictures below - my younger sisters. 
They are just beautiful! I love this picture of them above doing thier whacky poses. I just so love these two ladies, they are my laughter supplements. When they are with me, my life is full of beauty and happiness. There is no dull moments when the three of us are together. We always have something to do to have fun and share a lot of laugh. 

Above is another beautiful photo of my beautiful ladies. Beautiful ladies, that includes my beautiful Chizka. Tsk, I am sad mom  is not in the picture she could have worn her sexy pink spaghetti. Anyway, see how Chizka beautifully projected for the camera. Lol! Looking seductive with that tongue out Chiz!

You should get an idea by now as to how close we are to each other. Our relationship as sisters so far  is getting more and more beautiful each day despite Cheem's distance. I am thankful that they stayed as they are, the ever sweet and loving sisters.