Dandruff or Psoriasis Symptom?

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I am having a scalp problem lately. There are times it itches so badly but I don’t know if this is dandruff or a psoriasis symptom. I read that psoriasis not only appears on skin but also on scalp. When on scalp, it looks similar to dandruff. Like dandruff, psoriasis on scalp looks like white, flaky scales that is showing on hair and also falling down on shoulders. It as well itches like dandruff but the itches I am feeling is more irritating than before. Knowing this, I find it so hard to differentiate the two from each other. I had dandruff before but I already had it taken care of by maintaining a dandruff shampoo that suited my scalp problem. So far, it went away yet early this year, my scalp started itching again from time to time.

As to what I researched, there are natural medications against psoriasis symptoms depending on the case or the location of the body, whether on scalp, genital area or on skin. Since my case is hard to determine, I thought to continue using the shampoo I used before to fight dandruff for a month and if the itches won’t go away, it’s when I try this natural remedies. Natural remedies include staying out of sun which is very easy to do and if the itches get worse, I’ll give in to using creams and the like. But before giving in to the said medication, I must consult a doctor for a safer advice.