CC: When We thought It's Over

posted by Rechie L on


Rodliz’s Nest

I agree that there is no perfect marriage. Hubby and I do quarrel too over huge and minor things. Our worst fights always fall on our past mistake which is not healthy but so far, in every worst fight we had, it’s all always me who think it’s over. Just like yesterday, I thought our relationship was over because he didn’t contact me nor replied my email messages for three consecutive days. Of course being a wife, I wonder why. Freaky thoughts then raging in attacking my thinking making me type a message to him saying “what is this, are we over?”

Two hours after lunch yesterday, I finally received a message from him explaining why. And the reason is very far from what I was thinking. Sometimes, I really think too much. But for me, it was understandable to think something like our marriage is over because I haven’t heard from him for three days. For me it is freaking long. I am his wife and I have all the right to know what’s going on with him everyday. Well at least he accepted his mistake and I learned a lesson: to listen to an explanation first before concluding.

Now we are okay and had a great chat on YM.