Google It?

posted by Rechie L on ,


It’s amazing how Google became a verb. It’s true that search engines have penetrated our everyday lives so much that nowadays, instead of ‘search it on Google’, one would say ‘Google it’. I’ve heard it from friends many times and I could only smile.

As days passed, more and more people learn how to move around the Internet. They learn how to surf, to do a research and to socialize in various social networking sites. For us who live our everyday lives with Internet, we can say that Internet is a big help because through it, we can connect to our loved-ones who are miles away, can do a fast and easy online shopping, and work on thesis papers faster with the help of online search. As some people say, students in particular, life is easier with Internet.

Internet is a big help most especially to online businesses because they can gain a lot of prospective costumers on the Internet due to a vast audience. There are more reachable audiences as Internet is used around the globe. Of course, search engines play the important role in reaching costumers. Without search engines, we will never get to hop on a certain site. Some businesses find ways to track how many times their sites are searched by getting pay per click services. Through the said services, they are aware how many times they are searched and viewed and through it, they can develop their keywords and use the ones that are widely used by many audiences or by Internet users.