Final Food Chemistry Examination

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Today is my sister’s final examination in her food chemistry subject. As a final exam, she and her classmates have to cook a main dish individually. Each of them was given main ingredients to cook and it is up to them on how to create a new recipe out of it. They have to use their imagination and most importantly, their taste buds to create a new dish. They have to explore the kitchen and try to put ingredients together to cook a new food and name it. I myself found it so difficult.

My sister was given fish and cheese as the main ingredients. Being a supportive big sister as I am, I helped her think of what to make or cook. With the help of the Internet, we got a lot of ideas with what we would do with the fish and cheese. In the end, after all the searching and reading, we came up with trying baked fish with cream cheese wrapped in pie crust. Aside from fish and cream, there were also other ingredients like carrots and celery. We found the cooking instructions to easy so we stuck to it.

So last night, we tried cooking the dish that my sister was going to cook at school in front the food judges. Our Formal Dining Furniture, particularly the dining table played a great role that night as it was loaded with ingredients including a kilo of tanigue and a box of Anchor cream cheese. It’s where we did the cutting, slicing and mixing of the other ingredients as well. I let my sister do the fish and cheese while I did the pie crust. My sister did a great job. I let her do most of the cooking since she’ll be the one to demonstrate it in their school.

Today, my sister came home with a smile. She said the judges love the taste, the garnishing and the twists she did from the original recipe although the crust is a bit uncooked. Above all, she’s happy for getting the highest mark of 84. I’ll share the recipe next post.