Will I Reach Their Age?

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A framed picture of grandma (in green, sitting) with her siblings.

I mentioned in my previous post how proud I am of my grand mother (my mother's mom) because despite her age, she is still strong, even stronger than a worked-out buffalo. Watching her fix her pig fence and chicken coop always makes me wonder if I'll be able to do all those work when I reach her age. Or will I ever reach her age of 83? 

Anyway, whether I'll reach her age or not, I hope that at least I can produce an offspring that could take care of me when I grow old and can't do a thing. It is so hardworking of my grand mother to produce a dozen, I would be lucky to produce half. Lol. It is just funny whenever I recall my grandmother's advice to me back when I was in high school, "a touch of a man can get you pregnant." Obviously, she was just scaring my naive mind and preventing me from getting pregnant at an early age like her. It helped, I guess. 

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