Monday Mayhem: What if???

posted by Rechie L on


Welcome to Monday Mayhem.
Today we are playing. "What if"
For every prompt, tell us what would happen if....

Join Us for Monday Mayhem
Have fun and be sure to visit the other people playing.

What if...
Charlie Sheen were right about who he is, what he is saying and his "goddesses"?
Then he is right.

What if...
Potato chips were declared a vegetable?
Then I'll include it in my vegetable list.

What if...
All the junk going on in parts of the world ended in peace?
Then we all live in peace.

What if...
gas prices hit $5?
Per liter? I would scream with rage.

What if...
American Idol got canceled?
It will be fine. I don't watch it that much anyway.

What if...
the Queen of Alaska was elected president?
Then we have to deal with it.

What if...
talking on a cell phone while driving became illegal?
It'll be good, lesser accidents.

What if...
Bud and Kathy invited you to a party- would you go?
Yes, as long as they'll offer free transportation and accommodation.

What if...
you found $1000 sitting in the road?
I would pick it up and pay my debt. whatt???

Thanks for playing- see you next week!